„Gothic Windows” briefcase and skirts REVIEW

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to give you a little review of a few products of Restyle. I’ll show you the „gothic windows” briefcase and the skirt with the same graphics.

So the first one will be the skirt. I don’t have any pictures of the longer version, because it’s too hard to take a photo of it in view of its largeness (or rather the size of my room), but the print height is exactly the same as the one’s on the midi skirt. The fabric is the same too. What are the differences? The longer version has the underskirt with 3 elastic bones. Midi version is lined with the underskirt with one layer of stiff tulle. You don’t have to put on any extra underskirt while wearing them! In the photos the skirts may look quite strange at the waist. It’s because my mannequin is a bit too wide. There’s no extra underskirt in the pictures.

1. Skirt with „Victorian schoolgirl” shirt


2. Close up for the skirt:


3. Height of the print:



4. Main layer with the second layer (stiff tulle)




5. Close up for the print


6. Matching:


As you can see, the windows match perfectly, but the lower part of the print not. Believe me, it won’t be visible while wearing the skirt. I didn’t discover this defect until I started writing this review!

Unfortunately I can’t show you the quality of the skirt. The fabric is thin, it’s polyester but it’s the kind which looks and feels more like cotton so it’s really good! The skirt may be hard creased when it will arrive to you but after ironing, even if it’s hidden and tabloid in the wardrobe, it won’t crease that much.

Want some more window prints? It’s time for the briefcase. Do you know the quality of the first version of the briefcase with the iron gate? I have some good news. The quality of the eco leather is now much better! All the present briefcases available on Restyle are made from the same eco leather. It’s not visible in the photo. I had tried to show you, but you can only feel the difference by touching the leather or watching it in real. It’s softer and more durable. There’s no feeling of a cardboard bag. Both briefcases are the same large. The styling is similar: the one with window print has a longer flap


1. General look of the briefcase with gothic windows


2. Close ups for the print. It`s more detailed than the same graphics on the skirt.



3. The Clasp. Another part of it is under the flap



The rest of information about this briefcase can be found on Restyle.pl

Soon I’ll write a review about the book and watch bags. If you have any questions, please comment, write on Facebook or send me an e-mail (euflonica@gmail.com).


4 thoughts on “„Gothic Windows” briefcase and skirts REVIEW”

    1. Staram się pisać coraz więcej, ale jakoś nie mam do tego talentu, ciężko mi zawsze zebrać się w sobie, żeby dodać jakikolwiek opis do moich prac 😀

      Dziękuję bardzo!

  1. Hi,

    I realize I ask this a bit late, but I have been looking at this briefcase and I wonder if you could take a picture of the inside? I want to know just exactly how big it is, how many books can fit in there. I’m looking to use this as a sort of briefcase for my work at the university so it needs to hold some weight… I would be very happy hearing from you!! 🙂


    1. Hi,
      Unfortunately it’s impossible for me to take picture inside. I have really bad camera and I have no idea how to do it. This briefcase is very flat, you can put there maybe 2 books?
      I think you’ll find photos on the internet.

      I’m so sorry that I’m not helpful this time…


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