New bags!

New bags and belts with my graphics, visit my facebook page: Bags available here: Belts: Which one is your favourite? Feel free to leave a comment!

Faberge egg

Christmas present for my grandma.   And new version of Skeleton leggins are available on  

Skirts with my graphics!

Skirts on!–GOTHIC-WINDOWS-LONG-gothic-lolita-skirt-angels-and-stained-glass.html–GOTHIC-WINDOWS-MIDI-gothic-lolita-skirt-angel-stained-glass.html

Diploma Work 2012

My diploma work. „Krew, Złoto i Kruk” is a new polish steampunk tale (written by CountBB ). 1 picture – main page,  posters on billboard, citylight and advertising column, wallpapers % pendant,  leaflet, webpage 2, 3, 4 – posters 5, 6, 7 – dolls 8 – leaflet 9 – pendant

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